The Innertown  Pub, Home of the Arts, has been a West Town / Ukrainian Village institution for over 30 years.   Its history in the neighborhood goes back to the days of Prohibition, the ITP came into its own during late 80’s early 90’s, becoming a home for the local bohemian artist community .  Walking into the ITP, you’ll be welcomed by the dimly lit, eclectic space with artwork and knick knacks that you’d find in your crazy uncle’s basement, with a special affinity to Elvis. Time stands still here, but you can always count on our friendly staff, laid back bar flies, cheap drinks, great music on the jukebox and free pool.


What are others saying?

Chicago Tribune 3/24/2017: Everyone has a favorite Chicago dive bar. This one’s mine

 Inner Town is like a longtime friend with benefits. It's not the most beautiful, but it has an ensnaring charm.​

The allure begins with the Chicago Handshake, a pint of Old Style followed by a shot of Malort, just $5 for the pair. I've been to modern bars where $5 won't even buy you a Miller High Life — but hey, did you see that the floor is made of reclaimed wood from a sunken ocean liner?

No thanks. I'll be at Inner Town by the pool table, which is worn but respectable and, the best part, free.



Ukrainian Village

Innertown Pub 
In a neighborhood overflowing with amazing local dives including Happy Village, Bar DeVille, Goldstar, and Phyllis’, picking Innertown here was perhaps the toughest call on this list. But once you step inside and get a whiff of its life-giving aroma, it’s love at first sight. With stiff drinks, a laid-back charm, and an always-lively scene of people shooting pool, shooting the shit, shooting shooters, or smoking butts outside, every bar should be this cool. https://www.thrillist.com/drink/chicago/the-best-bar-in-27-chicago-neighborhoods


Chicago Reader 6/22/17: Bars on residential streets are Chicago’s ‘great good places’ 

The eclectic decor that defines the Innertown Pub is, if not ubiquitous among bars on residential streets, definitely not unusual. If these places are short on anything, it's not character. I sometimes get the sense that I've stumbled into the basement of someone's eccentric grandma, board games and all. A lot of these places just feel like home. Better, even—they're sanctuaries away from home. "Hospitality" is a concept common in the bar and restaurant industry, but I've never met warmer bartenders than the ones at the out-of-the-way bars I've visited.


Other fun facts:

Are you a fan of the thriller 'Gone Girl'?   Author Gillian Flynn was nice enough to put the ITP in the acknowledgements and one our our signature winter drinks, 'Christmas Morning'

Any pinball aficionados out there?  Well, keep an eye out for some original art work from Dave Christensen, one of the preeminent pinball artists from the golden age of pinball art.  While working for Bally Gaming in the 1970s, he created some of the most iconic art of its time.  Our sign out front and 3 works in the bar are DC originals.



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